ENG1581-B Custom Engraved Dog Tag Pendants

The Engraving on this item is a custom order.  You must contact us to discuss pricing for your order.
Product Information-Item Description
Custom Logos Engraved on Dog Tag Pendants
These are custom engraved logos on dog tag pendants.  At Johnny Dang & Co, we are capable of engraving just about anything.  Please provide us with as much detailed information as possible, such as the item you would like to have engraved, the size of the item and what exactly you want engraved on the item and where on the item, etc. We will contact you  to go over the details of your order and to discuss pricing for your specific item.....prices start at $30 and up.. (The Dog  Tag itself is not included,  you  must provide your own dog tag  to be engraved.)

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