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v  Please do not order without careful consideration, as labor cost and/or restocking fee will be charged. 

v Keep in mind that our products are dedicatedly handmade and take days to finish.

v  If  you are under 18 years of age, permission from parents or guardians is required before ordering

grills/dental caps. It is a good idea to consult with your dentists for recommendation before

placing order for dental grills and caps.

v  It is recommended that you have the condition and size of your teeth checked by a dentist

before ordering dental caps.

v  Cleaning dental caps after each use is recommended.

v  Please note that gold caps can be faded by body acid, body temperature, smoking,

and drinking.

v  All order shipped out to our customers will return back to us if no one is available to

accept the package or no one picks up the package from the shipping company's

 local station. We are not responsible for product not collected within this time period.

We will charge re-delivery charges  and processing fees if we need to re-ship a package. 

v  All our product are precision made to the highest standard.  We accept no responsibility

for damage after collection.

v  All personal and business checks take approximately 10-15 days of processing time.

v  All domestic orders paid by credit card/Debit Card through PAYPAL can only be shipped

to a PAYPAL confirmed/verified address.

v  Please consider using Check, Money order, Wire transfer, Bank deposit, Western Union   

         or any other form of payment that does not involve credit/debit cards should you require your order shipped to a third party or an unverified address.

v Order processing time is between 24-48hrs exluding Saturday and Sunday.

v  Shipping costs listed on the site is only for shipping within the U.S. with an exception

of Canada and United Kingdom. International shipping

costs vary by destination.

International customers are requested to contact us for exact shipping cost.

v  Prices may change at any time without notice. All promotional prices or discounts are only

valid during the promotion period.




General Product Warranty


   Gold and Diamond products:

v  Diamonds- Limited lifetime warranty

v  Setting- 1 year limited warranty


   Silver and Silver Alloy Products:


v  Pure or .925 Silver product – 1 year limited warranty

v  Silver Alloy Products- No warranty

 Please note: Silver tarnishes a lot faster than gold.  Remember, the more humid the climate the          faster silver will tarnish.


Return/Refund/Exchange Policy


Custom Made Products:

Products that are custom made  (Pendants, earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, e.t.c)     cannot be returned under any circumstances. We will provide a design/mock up of the product  and get customer’s approval before production begins. We are unable to resell custom made products. Thus, custom made products can not be returned. We will buy back a custom made gold and diamond products at their scrap value (no time limitation).

Keep in mind that we strongly believe in our customers’ satisfaction. Our products are of highest quality and goes through rigorous quality inspection before they are shipped out to the customers’.


Grills: Grills, like most dental products and personalized body jewelry, often need minor adjustment to match customer's comfort level.  If our grills do not fit properly we would ask our customer to follow instructions found here first to perform minor adjustments prior to contacting us. If problem still persists then the only option would be to send the grill back along with the mold so that we can tighten and adjust the grill. Please call the customer service line (713 777 2026 x103) before mailing your grill. We must receive your call within 7days of the delivery date.


Once we receive a grill we will then examine why the product did not fit and try to adjust the grill. If it is determined that any grill did not fit due to our negligence we will remanufacture that grill after we have tried all other ways to make the grill fit.


Silver and Alloy (costume/fasion jewelry) products:

All sales are final!!. Absolutely no return/refund for in stock and custom made silver and alloy (referred to as Silver-Alloy, Costume Jewelry, Fasion Jewelry) products. Alloy products are meant to be worn for a short period of time. Please consider ordering in Sterling/925 silver (if available) for greater durability.


Deposits for custom products and Layaway:

Absolutely no refund for any products on layaway or if payment is made for custom orders (pre production) or orders for in stock products. We will only issue full store credit for the entire amount paid.  Manufacturing defects will be fixed if we are notified within 30 days from product delivery.


Order cancellation


           Order for any and all CUSTOM MADE products cannot be cancelled once production starts. Orders cancelled during pre production state (usually within 24hrs from order placement) can be cancelled but are subject to 15% cancellation fee.


We will deduct an additional $25 if a molding kit was ordered and shipped prior to order cancellation.

Some customers may want to get the product they ordered at a later time. We recommend getting a COMPLETE store credit instead of cancelling the order.


Customer’s credit will be valid for 12 months starting from the date of purchase.


Order Cancellation/Product Return Process


 Customers MUST fill out and submit the following cancellation form if an order is cancelled (Please only provide Paypal details if payment was made using Paypal).


Order Cancellation Form


This refund policy applies to all Credit/Debit Card and Paypal Payments.  


Warranty on Johnny Dang Watches:


 Warranty on movement

1 Year

Warranty on diamond setting

1 Year

Warranty on diamonds


Extended warranty-Covers Movement, setting and diamonds





Order, Payment  and Shipping Policy

We have the following accepted payment methods other than Credit/Debit/Echeck payment through Paypal (Paypal is only accepted for orders shipped to a Paypal verified/confirmed address):

•       Bank Wire transfer (Bank to Bank or direct deposit to our account
using a local Wells Fargo location)
•       Western Union/Money Gram
•       Money Orders
•       Cashier’s Check/Bank Draft



  Checks, Money orders and wire transfer


v  All Personal/Business checks require a 10-15 days processing time.

v  Orders paid with checks, money orders or wire transfer can be shipped to customer's specified address.


  International Orders


v  Credit card payment is not accepted for any international orders.

  Accepted Method of payments for International customers:

  •  Bank Wire transfer
  • Western Union/Money Gram
  • Money Orders
  • Cashier’s Check/Bank Draft

Additionally, we also have payment via Paypal available for customers in Canada and the United Kingdom. However, Paypal payment is only accepted for orders shipped to a Paypal verified/confirmed address.