Ordering Information

How to place your order:

  • Email any questions you may have.
  • Simply email custom@tvjohnny.net to place your order after getting all your questions answered and please include all order details and your preferred payment method when placing your order
  • Please include your zip code so that we can add taxes( only in Texas).

We will either issue a Paypal invoice (For Credit/Debit/Echeck payment) or issue a Johnny Dang & CO invoice and email payment details for Bank wire, Check, Bank Draft, Western Union/Moneygram Payments.

Custom Order:

We would love to work on your custom design. Please provide ALL of the following information so that we can quote price for a custom piece/pendant:
1)    Dimension: length, width and height of the product to be made.

2)    A drawing/logo of the idea or example or font choices for pendant design(visit http://www.dafont.com/ to find the right font) needs to be emailed cj@tvjohnny.net. Or you can visit http://pendant.tvjohnny.net and find one of our previously made custom jewelry and modify that according to preference.

3)    Please specify whether you would like any diamonds, gemstones or cubic zirconias on the piece. Specify color (if applicable)

4)    Since prices of custom jewelry can vary dramatically depending on the color, size and clarity of diamonds used, as well as the dimension, metal type, thickness/weight, the best practice is to let us know your budget which would allow us to come up with a more accurate clarity/size/karat recommendation. We try our best to work with almost any budget.

We also have a specialized custom jewelry form that you can fill out and submit. The form can be downloaded by clicking http://www.tvjohnny.net/custom-jewelry-order-form.pdf

Similar information (length, diamond color, metal type) are required for other custom (bracelet, ring, necklace, earrings etc) inquiries.

Ordering Grillz:

Please visit http://grillz.tvjohnny.net and let us know the model number of the type of grill that you would like to order from us so that we can quote the most accurate price. Please also specify number of teeth, teeth level (top or bottom) and gold type.

Do I have to be in Houston to purchase a grill from you?

We sell and ship grills throughout the U.S. and all over the world. Our mold kits allow us to make grills for customers who are hundreds and even thousands of miles away. Our mold kits come with step by step instructions and allow you to send a perfect impression of your teeth. We use that impression to produce a grill that flawlessly fits your teeth.

Mold Kit / mailing mold

ALL OF OUR GRILLZ are made using molds from our clients. A dental mold, which shows us an exact impression of customers’ teeth, allows us to make both permanent and removable/pull out grills that perfectly clings to customers teeth. You can purchase a mold kit separately or during the time you place the order for a grill. We will mail you the mold kit and wait for it to be returned. Then we will start working on your grill.

You can also mail us a mold or if you do not already have a mold, you can add a mold kit while placing your order. Before mailing us your mold, please check our website at www.tvjohnny.net and print out an image of the grill that you would want to purchase or write the model number of the grill and the number of teeth, as well as the type of gold and diamonds you would like. All prices should be listed on the same page as the product. You may specify any changes that you would like to make to our design. Any form of upgrade may increase the price.

Permanent caps

We make permanents with or without diamonds in the caps. Please let us know a model number from our site so that we can quote that model in permanents. Permanents need to be done in 18k gold. We will be able to make the grill using a dental mold from your dentist, using our molding kit or you also have the option to go to one of our locations in Houston, TX to get the mold done and have permanents put in by our dentist. You can also order the caps for local installation.

Price for 18k white, yellow or rose gold permanents without any diamonds starts from $130/cap (excluding installation). Installation cost is typically $50/tooth.

How long

The approximate time for the production and customization of a grill is about 5-7 business days, depending on the complexity of the grill. Grillz with diamond work will take 10-14 days and Invisible hand set and Baguette grillz take up to 5-6 weeks of production time and customization time since custom cutting diamonds according to need is required. But we need to get your mold prior to that.

We are able to expedite orders in extraordinary circumstances. However, production and customization of grills is a labor intensive process. Thus, we recommend not to expedite orders unless extremely necessary.

Crooked Teeth /Gap

You can get a grill even if you do not have perfectly straight teeth. The molds we get from our customers allow us to custom make a grill that fits their teeth and doesn’t really matter whether those teeth are crooked or chipped.

We can even make the grill straight so that your teeth look straight. However, customers need to mention that they want the grills made straight when placing order. We would recommend using the Comment section of the online order form to specify your customization when placing your order.  There may be some additional charges if we need to use extra gold to make that tooth look straight.

We can manufacture your grill in a way so that it will hide any kind of imperfection including gaps/missing tooth. There are two options available to cover up gaps between teeth. You can either get a small filler in the middle or have the two teeth a little bit larger to cover the gap. Please specify this when placing your order and we will call to discuss options. We recommend using the Comment section of the online order form to specify this. There may be some additional charges if we need to use extra gold to cover up the gaps between teeth.

International Orders:

Worldwide Shipping:

Yes, we ship worldwide. Here is how to place your order:

Accepted Method of payments for International customer:

•    Western Union/Money Gram
•    Money Orders
•    Cashier’s Check/Bank Draft
•    Paypal (Only available for customers in Canada and U.K.)

Shipping options available for international customers:

      U.S. Postal Services:
Express Mail(R) International- Estimated Delivery Time * 5 business days- $37.99-49.99 (varies by location)


FedEx International Priority(R)- 2-3 business days to most countries- $59.99-$74.99 (varies by location)
FedEx International Economy(R) - 4-7 business days to most countries- $49.99

PLEASE NOTE: MOLDING KIT (if applicable) shipping charge is $24.99 in addition to the grill shipping charge. We also recommend sending a dental mold from your local dentist if that is an option.

Installment and Financing options:


We currently do not have an installment payment option. You can, however, use Paypal Credit to make payment. More details can be found here https://www.paypal.com/webapps/mpp/paypal-credit

The only payment plan we currently have requires a 50% deposit. We will manufacture the jewelry ordered and send it out once full payment is received.

We do not have a traditional payment/finance plan for online/phone orders. Financing is available to clients who are physically present at one of our retail locations.

Clients can also purchase a product (both in stock as well as custom made products) and start making payment on the product. And the product will be shipped out once all payments have completed.

Finance option:

We have financing available through Paypal (Please visit link for details: https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/paypal-credit#A12 )and our retail locations also offer financing for walk in clients.

Layaway Terms
Custom designed products (including grills, chains, bracelet, earrings, rings, watches and pendants): Requires 1/6th of order total to get started and customers can take up to 12 months to complete payment before an order is made (We will start on the order once 50-60% is received).

In Stock products: We will be able to put orders on layaway for up to 3-5 months depending on the total of your order. 

Concerned about ordering online.

We completely understand your concern about buying online. There are far more “less than reputable" online dealers that one can imagine. Not all websites are genuine and some are involved in fraudulent activity. Many dealers offering the killer low prices are invariably the ones that tend to be involved in customer fraud.

We will recommend that you do a bit of research about us both online and by calling our customer service line. The Better Business Bureaus (www.bbb.org) is also a good place to search for company rating for U.S. companies. We are listed as TV Jewelry. It is also a good idea to purchase from companies with a physical address and phone number listed on their sites.

We can assure you complete safety and satisfaction but that assurance is as good as our words till you actually get the product in your hand. We hope this information will assist you making your decision.